Waste Management

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Reliable waste management partner in London and the UK

Are you looking for professional waste management consultants in the UK? You have come to the right place. Contact Erese Ltd today for information.

Waste removal equipment

At Erese Ltd, we source professional waste partners to efficiently carry out waste removal services in your commercial premises. From glass crushers to compactors, you can rely on us for high-quality service and equipment.
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Waste collections managed

  • Dry mixed recycling
  • General waste
  • Glass waste
  • Food waste
  • Cardboard

Why choose us?

  • Experienced company
  • Efficient contractors
  • Eco-friendly
  • Highly resourceful
Get in touch with us for information regarding your requirements.
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High standards of workmanship

We as a waste management company with the skill and knowledge to partner your business for effective and efficient waste solutions that fit your requirements. You can rely on us for all types of waste removal services, driving value into your waste processes.
Reliable, transparent, accountable, informative - Four words not generally used within the waste management and recycling industries.
 For the best part of three decades I have been involved with waste and more recently sustainable resource management on the behalf of our Clients.
Unfortunately, although they have a duty to comply with legislation and best practice, Clients are not always the best informed regarding how their waste is actually being dealt with which has inevitably led to sharp practice by both local and national providers of waste services.
This has been the case until I met Sheldon Payne of ERES Europe on a site managed by a mutual Client.
The difference in management style and content is extraordinary. I confidently partner Sheldon at presentations for prospective new Clients and am genuinely impressed with his capability to explain the intricacies of the latest industry and legislative requirements.
Sheldon empowers us as a business to offer a methodical, organised and compliant waste management service to our Clients plus giving us the confidence to seek new opportunities. Compliance manager
Established cleaning and support services company
If you are looking for waste management consultants in the UK, call Erese Ltd on 
020 3174 2448

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